Smarter Agility

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The complete competition and training logbook

Available for web, iOS and Android

What is it?

A web service designed to
  • More efficiently and systematically plan your training sessions
  • Easily track your progress during competition and training
  • Enable you to align your trainings with your competition results

Where can I use it?

Anywhere you want or need
  • On any device: smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Online and offline
  • Your data are synchronized between devices

How can I use it?

Document your training sessions and analyze your progress
  • What did you train: agility, fitness, groundwork, ...
  • Add details such as: which obstacle, which technique, ...
  • Record how well the training went: success ratio, rating, speed, ...
Keep a detailed record of all your competition results
  • Your placement, your time and speed, the number of faults, ...
  • What went wrong, where and why
  • You can even add the course map
Ensure your training is aligned with your results.
  • Analyze your results and faults.
  • And how they evolve during the year
  • Determine from these your training focus

Available for web, iOS and Android?

You can use the web version or just install the app on your PC, tablet and smartphone