Online Agility Tools

for Amateurs and Professionals


The complete competition and training logbook

Available for iOS and Android

Keep a detailed record of all your competition results

Your placement, your time and speed, the number of faults, ...

What went wrong, where and why

You can even add the course map

Record your training efforts

What did you train (eg fitness, agility, ...)?

Add details such as: which obstacle, which technique, ...

Record how well the training went

Ensure your training is aligned with your results.

Analyze your results and faults.

And how they evolve during the year

Determine from these your training focus

Download the app and test it for free for 2 months.


Course designer app and website

Suitable for smartphone, tablet and pc

Design and save your own courses

Save your courses for future viewing or editing

Share the course design or image

Synchronize your courses between site and app

User-friendly interface

Main features

Simultaneously move, rotate or flip multiple obstacles

Copy and paste multiple obstacles

Up to 6 sets of numbers and paths

Visit our microsite for more info on the Course Designer

Trial Registration

Competition calendar and registration

Record your training efforts

Complete the registration forms prior to the registration start date.

Submit the prepared registration forms with one click.

Receive reminder emails when your favorite trials open for registration.

Consult where club members are registered.

Consult registration and payment reports.

Trial Secretary

Record your training efforts

Process trial registrations and payments using our user-friendly interface.

Manage reservations for camping, catering and/or seminars.

Ability to export the entry data in a selection of CSV formats.

Notify individual or groups of users.

Live results

For selected events, live results are available

Using our trial software, you can easily provide live ranking and results to your participants.

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