Designer Change log

Version 8.12 (11-OCT-2023)
  • Removal of the "Exit with options" menu item
    Since version 8, this menu item has become redundant and confusing. It was therefore removed.
  • Page height issue on some devices
    On some devices, the bottom part of the app is not shown (i.e. the bottom section may be hidden). This can now be addressed by decreasing the height of the app. Go to the Settings page to do so.
  • Bug fix - Labels when logging on to someone else's device
    Logging on to a device used by another course designer could result in his or her labels being merged with your account. That has been fixed.
  • Bug fix - Floating action buttons on the Courses page
    The group of foating action buttons related to multiple selected courses (i.e. the "checked" courses) was not visible in portrait mode. That has been fixed.
  • Additional internal improvements and bug fixes
Version 8.11 (21-SEP-2023)
  • New and updated shortcut keys
    So far, the number of shortcut keys (on the designer page) was relatively limited. In this version, a substantial number has been added. In addition, some have been re-assigned.
    Consult the user manual for an overview.
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 8.10 (14-SEP-2023)
  • Ability to filter the courses list on the course comparison panel
    The course comparison panel lists all (other) courses on the day or the previous day. You can now limit this list to all draft or all final versions. In addition, when the full list is shown, the draft version are flagged accordingly.
  • Bug fix: funnels not included in group selection
    When selecting multiple obstacles, any related funnels were not included. This resulted in an incorrect positioning of those funnels when the group moved moved or rotated. This has been fixed.
  • Improvement: account synchronization
    So far, the account (and subscription details) were synchronized with the server when specific event occur (such as, when you open the app and when you log in); and at regular intervals.
    As a result, it could take some time for a new subscription to be visible in the app.
    As of this version, the account data will be checked at additional events.
Version 8.9 (08-SEP-2023)
  • Additional (default) properties for polylines and lines
    You can now set the default line color as well as the line thickness and the line type (full, dashed or dotted).
    It should be noted that changing the default line color does not impact existing lines. However, when you change the default line thickness and/or type, those new values will be applied to existing lines when you open a course (assuming the course uses the corresponding color scheme).
    As was the case before, you can change the color of each line while designing a course.
  • Ability to show funnels (before and after the contact obstacles)
    Funnels can help you determine if the approach to a contact obstacle is safe. Use the Visibility menu item (of click F) to toggle the feature.
    By default, funnels are not visible on the course map (i.e. the PNG). However, when generating the course map, you can choose to show the used ones (i.e. the ones with a corresponding course number).
    Note that this is an experimental feature. It may be modified or extended in the future.
  • Bug fix: adding and removing labels
    In some cases, labels starting with a digit were not processed correctly. As a result, it was not possible to assign them to or remove them from a course. This has been fixed.
    This has been.
Version 8.8 (02-JUN-2023)
  • Course padding
    It was already possible to specify the top and bottom padding (i.e. empty space above and below the course). The left and right padding can now also be set.
    In addition, the padding can be set in course units (i.e. m or ft).
  • Course units
    When a course is created, the user-defined default units (m or ft) are applied. In the past, these units could be changed via the course dimensions menu. This has been moved to the Extras submenu (i.e. one level up from the previous location).
    Note that, when switching units, the dimensions are recalculated (to the nearest meter or foot, whichever applies).
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes, including:
    • The copy & paste features can be started via the shortcuts [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V].
    • Pasting objects now only requires the canvas to be clicked only once.
    • The distance between the active obstacle and other nearby obstacles can be shown. The maximum distance that is shown has been increased from 9 to 10 meter / 27oi to 32 ft.
Version 8.7 (21-APR-2023)
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
Version 8.6.1 (07-APR-2023)
  • Uploading and restoring custom color schemes
    In the past, the custom color schemes were treated as part of the settings. That is, whenever the settings were up or downloaded, so were the custom color schemes. In addition, typically, the upload or download (of settings) needs to be started manually.
    This has changed; the custom color schemes are managed separately:
    • Color schemes are uploaded to the server whenever they are saved (assuming you are online). In addition, if needed, you can start the upload manually.
    • When you delete a scheme, it is also deleted from the server (again, assuming you are online).
    • If you (re)install the app, any custom schemes saved to the server will be automaticall downloaded.
    • Custom schemes created on one device (and uploaded to the server) are NOT automatically synchronized/downloaded to other devices. However, you can manually download them via the restore button (in the top right corner of the color schemes page).
  • Course comparison
    The Course comparison features is (again) available to users with a Personal subscription.It had been accidentally disabled in a previous version.
    In addition, the maximum number of courses in the list has been increased to 50 (from 20).
  • Rotating logos
    Logos (and other image included via the logo layer) can now be rotated.
  • Bug fix - Synchronization
    In certain circumstances, the deletion of local courses would fail (during the synchronization process). This has been addressed.
Version 8.5 (31-MAR-2023)
  • Filter options for draft and final courses
    Courses can be flagged as draft. This is helpful when you have multiple versions of a course.
    The courses page now includes additional options (for Pro users) to easily filter for draft or final courses.
  • Course size in decimal values
    In previous versions, the default and current course length and width could only be set in integers (whole numbers).
    For default values, this remains the case. However, via the bottom menu, you can now set the dimensions of the current course in decimal values.
  • Size of distance labels
    The size of the distance labels (i.e. the labels of path segments as well as the grid labels) was fixed. It can now be modified via the (generic) bottom menu.
    Note that the value you select will be applied to any course you open.

  • Bug fix - Top padding
    You can add padding above and below a course (typically, to allow for more text to be added). Doing so via the course properties page could result in the obstacle being incorrectly positioned. This has been fixed.
  • Bug fix - Empty course list
    When the courses page is opened before the synchronization finished, the courses overview would (initially) be empty. That is, the list is refreshed once the sync finishes.
    Clicking the refesh button would populate the list (even when the sync was ongoing). This has been addressed; the list is now populated even if the sync is ongoing.
  • Bug fix - Incorrect positioning of long course titles
    When the length of the course title is too long (i.e. is such that it does not fit - and would require a auto-resize), the placement was incorrect. That has been fixed.
  • Internal improvements and minor bug fixes
Version 8.4.1 (03-MAR-2023)
  • Bug fix - arc rotator handle
    The arc rotator handle is again available.
Version 8.4 (18-FEB-2023)
  • Duplicate manual lines
    Manually drawn lines can now be duplicated.
  • Arc radius
    So far, the arc's radius you set would be applied to both (x and y) dimensions. Now, you can set them seperately, allowing for more flexibility in the shape of the arc.
Version 8.3.1 (04-FEB-2023)
  • Bug fix - Tunnel shape
    The bug that prevented the tunnel from having a smooth curve (introduced in version 8.3.0) is resolved.
Version 8.3 (04-FEB-2023)
  • Replacement of swtiches by checkboxes
    On some mobile devices, the on/off switches did not respond very well to user gestures. Therefore, they have been replaced by checkboxes.
  • Manual lines - Undo and Redo
    The manual lines layer did not yet have undo and redo features. It does now.
  • Manual lines - Number of control points
    Lines you draw manually are reduced to a number of points that control the shape of the line. You can now increase the number of points (via the Settings button on the top menu bar). This may be usefull in case you need particular shapes.
    If needed, you can change the setting and see the impact on the active line. Note that this is only possible after the initial drawing of the line.
  • Bug fix - Unfo after moving an obstacle group
    The Undo would fail and move all obstacles to a common position. That has been resolved.
Version 8.2 (28-JAN-2023)
  • Rotate a course to the left
    A course can be rotated 90° to the left. To do so, click the corresponding button on the bottom menu bar (when no object is selected).
    Use it to convert a course create in landscape mode to portrait mode and vice versa.
    Note that text on the course will be moved and rotated appropriately. However, text above and below the course will remain in the original (relative) position.
  • Polylines (continuous lines composed of connected straight line segments)
    Polylines can now be added to your courses. Add points as required and finish by clicking on an previously added point.
  • Straight line and polyline color
    For both types of lines, the color can be set (via the bottom menu).
  • User manual
    Each entry in the topic list of the user manual now includes the date the topic was updated (or, when you sort them by "Recent additions first", the date it was added).
    This allows you to more easily find recent additions or updates.
Version 8.1 (21-Jan-2023)
  • Reviewer mode
    The course designer page now contains an additional button on the bottom menu bar. It is visible when none of the obstacles are selected. Click it to toggle "Reviewer mode" on or off.
    When reviewer mode is active, the path (in first in case you added more than one) will be duplicated using the default path calculation settings (i.e. with the handles in the original position).
    In addition, the average distance between obstacles is displayed (assuming the total length is shown).
  • Length of contact obstacles
    The total course length is calculated by adding up the length of the segments between obstacles and the length of the obstacles.
    By default, the length of a contact obstacle is the sum of the length of its components. For example, for the A-frame, this is around 5.4m or 18ft.
    Via the Settings page, you can now choose to use the shortest distance from entry to exit point. For the same A-frame, this would be less than 4.2m or 14ft.
Version 8.0.20 (14-Jan-2023)
  • Updated style sheet
    The style sheet has been updated to properly display new entries in the user manual.
Version 8.0.19 (13-Jan-2023)
  • Bug fix - PDF export
    Saving a course in PDF format would fail under certain conditions. That has been fixed.
  • Bug fix - Close Designer and save as new course
    This would not work when the course was not modified. This has been fixed.
  • Bug fix - Close Designer and save as new course
    Clicking 'No' when prompted (to confirm the save) would result in the active course becoming inactive. This has been fixed.
Version 8.0.18 (30-Dec-2022)
  • Organize your courses in folders
    The Courses page now includes a panel of folders (labels) organized in a tree-like structure.
    You can add your own folders and structure them using drag & drop (not available on mobile devices) or via the edit button.
    You can add a course to a folder - even to multiple folders if you prefer. With a Professional subscription, you can even do so in bulk (that is, select multiple courses and add them to a folder).
    The folders panel contains a number of predefined folders that will allow you to more easily find your courses (for example, all courses on a given date or in a given period).
    When a custom folder is active and you create a new course, that course will automatically be added to the folder.
  • Customize the courses you download, share or print (from the "My Courses" page).
    In the past, to customize a course (for example, hide the obstacle numbers, the course length, the paths, the grid lines or labels; or to add obstacle coordinates), you needed to open the course, change the settings, then download it.
    As of version 8, you can do so from the "My Courses" page that is, without opening the course.
    Moreover, you can even do so when processing courses in bulk.
  • Manage courses in bulk
    You now have the ability to select multiple courses and process them in bulk: you can add them to 1 or more folders, delete them and preview & print them.
  • Download courses in bulk
    You can also download course maps (PNG format) and course designs (TXT format) in bulk. They will be added to and downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • Update course properties in bulk
    With a paying Professional subsciption, you can update the following course properties in bulk: grade, category, event date, event type and course type.
  • Custom obstacle dimensions
    In the previous version, the height of the A-frame, the number of weave poles and the number of elements of the long jump could be customized.
    As of version 8, the dimensions of most obstacles can be customized, either per course or by defining your own set of obstacle dimensions (on the Settings page).
  • Additional sharing options
    You can now share course maps and designs directly to social media (on Apple devices, iOS version 15 or higher is required).
  • Revised search function
    The filter function as been redesigned. Enter your search term(s) directly into the search field. You can choose to apply the filter to all course data or to specific course properties.
  • Tunnel lock/unlock button
    When you activate (that is, select) a tunnel, a button is shown that allows you to lock or unlock the (tunnel) shape.
  • Custom obstacle coordinates format
    You can set a custom format for the obstacles coordinates. For example "[x/y]", "(x, y)", or even "y,x".
  • Modified behaviour when zoomed in
    In the past, you could click (an empty area on) the course start draging to create a group selection, even when zoomed in. To pan the course, you needed to click the Alt/Option button while dragging (on pc/laptop) or drag using 2 fingers (on mobile).
    In version 8, you can choose to pan by default when zoomed in. That is, without pressing the Al/Option button (on pc/laptop) or using only 1 finger (on mobile). To do so, toggle the group selection button (on the bottom menu bar, when none of the obstacles or objects are active).
  • Rotate active object using the mouse wheel
    Active objects can now be rotated by rotating the mouse wheel. Go to the Settings page to active the corresponding setting.
  • Custom layout for iOS with bottom home bar
    Recent iPhones and iPads come with a home bar at the bottom of the screen. This requires the app dimensions to be adjusted. Go to the Settings page and active "iPhone X support" to do so.
  • Minor improvements to the interface
    The content of the top menu bar and their menu items has been reorganized. Further, several additional shortcut buttons are available.
Version 7.8 (10-Oct-2022)
  • User manual
    The main page now includes an additional button that allows users to access the help pages / user manual.
  • User-defined lists of clubs, judges and keywords
    So far, the default list of clubs and judges was compiled from the values specified for existing courses. With this update, you can choose to use lists of values of your choice.
  • Reorganization of the Settings page
    The Settings page has been reorganized to make the distinction between settings that apply to all courses and those that only apply to new courses clearer.
  • Bug fix: flip tunnel with locked shape
    Flipping a tunnel whose shape is locked would produce unexpected results. This has been fixed.
Version 7.7
  • Internal modifications
    Implementation of internal modifications required for a future update.
Version 7.6
  • Finnish version
    The app is now also available in finnish.
  • Flag a course as draft
    Courses can now be flagged as 'draft', allowing you to better distinguish them from finalized versions.
    Use the course properties page (while designing) or the course menu (on the courses page) to set or remove the flag.
    In addition, if you prefer each new course to be set as a 'draft', go to the settings page and set the corresponding switch on.
  • Size of button on the bottom/right menu bar
    The size of the buttons on the bottom / right menu bar can be increased. To do so, click on the first button on the bar.
Version 7.5
  • NADAC support
    Addition of NADAC to the list of organizations. Addition of a 6-pole weave to the top menu (when NADAC is selected) and to the obstacles dropdown menu.
  • Positioning of the obstacle coordinates' label
    The label with the obstacle coordinates is no longer positioned on top of the obstacle (i.e. depending on the obstacle type, its entry and exit, or midpoint position), but rather slightly lower (or higher).
  • Top menu content
    On larger screens (i.e. with an effective width exceeding 1430px), frequently used buttons (such as the download button) are repeated.
    Note that the list of buttons is subject to change in future updates.
  • New empty courses
    In the past, when exiting the designer page for a new course that did not contain any objects, depending on the settings, either the user was asked whether or not to save the course, or the course was automatically saved.
    This is no longer the case; the page will be exited without prompting the user and without saving the (empty) course.
  • Bug fix - Duplicating a template
    Duplicating a template will result in the creation of a regular course (not another template).
  • Bug fix - Course title
    There was a problem selecting one of the built-in course title formats. This has been fixed.
Version 7.4.1
  • Bug fix - Hoopers obstacle titles
    The titles/names of hoopers obstacles contained errors. These have been corrected.
Version 7.4
  • Ability to use user-defined lists of grades, categories, course types and event types
    So far, the default list of grades, categories, course types and event types was compiled from the values specified for existing courses. With this update, you can choose to use lists of values of your choice.
  • Ability to disable auto-synchronization of settings
    The automated synchronization of settings to the server can be disabled (via the Settings page).
  • Tthe course title can be hidden (from the course map)
    This is particularly useful in case you want to add a custom title using a textbox (which provides more formatting options).
    It should be noted that the title continues to be displayed on the courses overview page and that it used to filter courses.
  • The default color scheme and organization can be set from the Designer page
    So far, the default color scheme and default organization (which determines the obstacle dimensions as well as the visibility of obstacles in the top menu of the Designer page) could only be set via the Settings page.
    They can now also be set from the Designer page via, respectively, the course-specific color scheme menu and the course-specific organization selection menu.
  • An additional logout button is available on the Account page.
Version 7.3
  • Bug fix - Settings synchronization
    Prior to version 7.3.1, using SA Designer in a new browser might result in the settings being reset. This has been corrected.
  • Ability to restore deleted colors schemes
    Any color scheme that is saved (in version 7.3 or later) is stored locally and can be restored using the top menu on the Settings page.
Version 7.2
  • Course comparison list
    When activiating the course comparison features, a list of courses on the same date is displayed. This list is no longer limited to 5 entries. Further, the list stays active until the panel is closed by the user.
  • The Kennel Club
    Addition of The Kennel Club to the list of organizations.
  • Obstacle numbers
    The available font size range for the obstacle numbers has increased from 8-12 to 8-15. Further, when the thickness of the dog's path is increased (from the default 0.5 to 1 or higher), the obstacle numbers will be shown in bold.
  • Bug fix - Rotated text
    Issues displaying the rotated textbox and snapping rotated text to the course edge have been solved.
  • Bug fix - Background image opacity popup
    The background image opacity popup is now also visible when the secondary/bottom menubar is moved to the right side.
Version 7.1
  • Agility Association of Canada
    Addition of the AAC to the list of organizations.
  • Various bug fixes
    Resolution of bug fixes reported by users.
Version 7.0
  • Course specific color scheme
    By default, each course used the active color scheme (as set on the Settings page). However, for any given course, another color scheme can be set (via the bottom menubar).
  • Obstacle dimensions by organization (FCI, UKA, UKI, AKC, ANKC, CHUK)
    In the past, obstacle dimensions were fixed. As of version 7, they are be determined by the organization you select. You can set the default organization via the Settings page but, if needed, change it for a given course.
  • Custom A-frame height
    The height of the A-frame can be customized.
  • New obstacles
    The following obstacles have been added: the panel jump and the chute.
  • Harmonized course map / image size
    In previous versions, the dimensions of the course map depended on the screen size and the zoom factor. As of version 7, this is no longer the case; dimensions are only determined by the size of the course and the quality factor selected on the download panel.
  • Switch sets of obstacle numbers
    Use the magic wand button (on the bottom menu bar) to switch from the selected set of obstacle numbers to a new set.
  • Editable obstacle numbers
    Editable obstacle numbers can take up to 5 characters of your choice (i.e. charaters others than 0-9 and A-Z are allowed).
  • Ability to hide obstacle numbers (without hiding the paths)
    Using the bottom menu bar, a set of obstacle numbers can be flagged. Flagged sets are not visible on the course map (allowing one to only show the resulting path).
  • Ability to change the font size and weight of text within a text box
    The font size of (lines of) text within a text box can be increased or decreased. Similartly the font weight can be switch between normal and bold.
  • Ability to add labels to obstacles
    In addition to the jump, labels can also be added to the contact obstacles.
  • Redesigned top menu
    The top menu has been redesigned and shows, where possible, additional obstacles / objects.
  • Bottom/right menu content
    The menu bar contains additional items for certain objects (such as for text boxes, obstacle numbers and the course).
  • Replacement obstacles retain custom properties
    When replacing one obstacle by another (which can be done via the Magic button on the bottom menu bar), the new obstacle retains the custom properties (i.e., the colors and, if applicable, the text label) of the original obstacle.
  • Synchronization of settings
    Settings are automatically saved to the server after update (provided you are online). In addition, they are synchronized to the sever at regular intervals (as are the courses).
  • Access to default course settings
    Default course settings can no longer be set from within the course designer page but only from the settings page.
  • Distance lines and coordinates are no longer visible on course maps
    Distance lines to nearest obstacles are only visible during the design phase; they are no longer included on the course maps. Similarly, the current obstacle coordinates are no longer included on the course maps.
  • Menu bar visibility and position
    The bottom menu bar (whose content depends on the selected object) can not longer be hidden. It can however be moved to the right side. Use the bar's Options button to select the position of your choice.
  • Course coordinate system
    When a course is created, the default coordinate system is applied. Updating the default coordinate system will no longer impact existing courses, that is, they will continue to use their course-specific system.
  • Group selection movement restriction
    As for individual objects, group selection movements are not restricted to the canvas. That is, they can't move beyond the borders of the canvas.
  • Path calculation for long jump
    In the past, the length to and from the long jump used the midpoint to perform calculations. As of version 7, respectively the beginning of the first element and the end of the last element are used.
  • Bug fix - path handles
    In zoom mode, when moving the handle of the dog's path, the handle could move erraticly in certain circumstances.
  • Bug fix - course property list (e.g. grades, categories)
    Newly added properties are correctly handled. In addition, they are presented in a different order: first those selected for the course (if any), then properties selected for other courses, and finally any default properties not yet used (in any course).
Version 6.7
  • Tripple jump
    The tripple jump is available from the dropdown menu.
  • Grid line labels
    The grid line labels can be hidden. Go to the Course Properties page to do so for any given course. Or, go to the Settings page to set the default value. This default value will be applies to all courses that do not have their own individual setting.
Version 6.6.2
  • Optional iPhone X support
    iPhone X support (introduced in 6.6.0) is optional and can be activated on the Settings page
Version 6.6
  • iPhone X support
    Automatic adjustment of page size and position to prevent overlap with the iPhone X menu bar
  • Restore last unsaved course
    The last unsaved course is automatically saved and can be restoration (via the main menu)
  • Custom date format
    Define a custom date format (on the Settings page)
  • Custom course/path length label
    Specify a custom total length label (on the Settings page)
  • Minor bug fixes