Designer Change log

Version 7.3
  • Bug fix - Settings synchronization
    Prior to version 7.3.1, using SA Designer in a new browser might result in the settings being reset. This has been corrected.
  • Ability to restore deleted colors schemes
    Any color scheme that is saved (in version 7.3 or later) is stored locally and can be restored using the top menu on the Settings page.
Version 7.2
  • Course comparison list
    When activiating the course comparison features, a list of courses on the same date is displayed. This list is no longer limited to 5 entries. Further, the list stays active until the panel is closed by the user.
  • The Kennel Club
    Addition of The Kennel Club to the list of organizations.
  • Obstacle numbers
    The available font size range for the obstacle numbers has increased from 8-12 to 8-15. Further, when the thickness of the dog's path is increased (from the default 0.5 to 1 or higher), the obstacle numbers will be shown in bold.
  • Bug fix - Rotated text
    Issues displaying the rotated textbox and snapping rotated text to the course edge have been solved.
  • Bug fix - Background image opacity popup
    The background image opacity popup is now also visible when the secondary/bottom menubar is moved to the right side.
Version 7.1
  • Agility Association of Canada
    Addition of the AAC to the list of organizations.
  • Various bug fixes
    Resolution of bug fixes reported by users.
Version 7.0
  • Course specific color scheme
    By default, each course used the active color scheme (as set on the Settings page). However, for any given course, another color scheme can be set (via the bottom menubar).
  • Obstacle dimensions by organization (FCI, UKA, UKI, AKC, ANKC, CHUK)
    In the past, obstacle dimensions were fixed. As of version 7, they are be determined by the organization you select. You can set the default organization via the Settings page but, if needed, change it for a given course.
  • Custom A-frame height
    The height of the A-frame can be customized.
  • New obstacles
    The following obstacles have been added: the panel jump and the chute.
  • Harmonized course map / image size
    In previous versions, the dimensions of the course map depended on the screen size and the zoom factor. As of version 7, this is no longer the case; dimensions are only determined by the size of the course and the quality factor selected on the download panel.
  • Switch sets of obstacle numbers
    Use the magic wand button (on the bottom menu bar) to switch from the selected set of obstacle numbers to a new set.
  • Editable obstacle numbers
    Editable obstacle numbers can take up to 5 characters of your choice (i.e. charaters others than 0-9 and A-Z are allowed).
  • Ability to hide obstacle numbers (without hiding the paths)
    Using the bottom menu bar, a set of obstacle numbers can be flagged. Flagged sets are not visible on the course map (allowing one to only show the resulting path).
  • Ability to change the font size and weight of text within a text box
    The font size of (lines of) text within a text box can be increased or decreased. Similartly the font weight can be switch between normal and bold.
  • Ability to add labels to obstacles
    In addition to the jump, labels can also be added to the contact obstacles.
  • Redesigned top menu
    The top menu has been redesigned and shows, where possible, additional obstacles / objects.
  • Bottom/right menu content
    The menu bar contains additional items for certain objects (such as for text boxes, obstacle numbers and the course).
  • Replacement obstacles retain custom properties
    When replacing one obstacle by another (which can be done via the Magic button on the bottom menu bar), the new obstacle retains the custom properties (i.e., the colors and, if applicable, the text label) of the original obstacle.
  • Synchronization of settings
    Settings are automatically saved to the server after update (provided you are online). In addition, they are synchronized to the sever at regular intervals (as are the courses).
  • Access to default course settings
    Default course settings can no longer be set from within the course designer page but only from the settings page.
  • Distance lines and coordinates are no longer visible on course maps
    Distance lines to nearest obstacles are only visible during the design phase; they are no longer included on the course maps. Similarly, the current obstacle coordinates are no longer included on the course maps.
  • Menu bar visibility and position
    The bottom menu bar (whose content depends on the selected object) can not longer be hidden. It can however be moved to the right side. Use the bar's Options button to select the position of your choice.
  • Course coordinate system
    When a course is created, the default coordinate system is applied. Updating the default coordinate system will no longer impact existing courses, that is, they will continue to use their course-specific system.
  • Group selection movement restriction
    As for individual objects, group selection movements are not restricted to the canvas. That is, they can't move beyond the borders of the canvas.
  • Path calculation for long jump
    In the past, the length to and from the long jump used the midpoint to perform calculations. As of version 7, respectively the beginning of the first element and the end of the last element are used.
  • Bug fix - path handles
    In zoom mode, when moving the handle of the dog's path, the handle could move erraticly in certain circumstances.
  • Bug fix - course property list (e.g. grades, categories)
    Newly added properties are correctly handled. In addition, they are presented in a different order: first those selected for the course (if any), then properties selected for other courses, and finally any default properties not yet used (in any course).
Version 6.7
  • Tripple jump
    The tripple jump is available from the dropdown menu.
  • Grid line labels
    The grid line labels can be hidden. Go to the Course Properties page to do so for any given course. Or, go to the Settings page to set the default value. This default value will be applies to all courses that do not have their own individual setting.
Version 6.6.2
  • Optional iPhone X support
    iPhone X support (introduced in 6.6.0) is optional and can be activated on the Settings page
Version 6.6
  • iPhone X support
    Automatic adjustment of page size and position to prevent overlap with the iPhone X menu bar
  • Restore last unsaved course
    The last unsaved course is automatically saved and can be restoration (via the main menu)
  • Custom date format
    Define a custom date format (on the Settings page)
  • Custom course/path length label
    Specify a custom total length label (on the Settings page)
  • Minor bug fixes