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Our course designer is designed based on the input and feedback of renowned judges from all over the world!
However, feel free to contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions.

Design your courses anywhere you want

You can use it on smartphone, tablet and pc. If you prefer, you can even install it on each of them.
Your courses are synchronized between your devices.
If needed, you can design your courses while working offline.

Unseen preview and search features

You can browse through your course previews or a list of titles & properties.
Finding a course is extremely quick and easy. You can enter search terms or select one of various labels, such as: event years, grades, categories, course types, ...

Share your maps and designs via mail, social media, …

You can download your course images in the quality of your choice or share them via mail or social media.
Similarly, you can share your designs via mail or social media. You can even do so by sharing a link to the course design.

Never lose a course with the restore function

Every time you save a course and are online, it is saved to the server as a separate version.
That allows you to restore a course that was previously deleted.
And it allows you to restore an earlier version of an existing course.